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I’d love to send a gift subscription box as a gift? Is it different from a normal subscription?

As sure as eggs is eggs you can! A fab idea! Subscription boxes make great gifts. There’s no difference in the box – they get the same exciting bunch of goodies inside the same cool box. The only difference is the way the subscription is set up. Our

Can I gift a one-off Box?

You most certainly can. Check out our Gift box range. Our Mystery Boxes are extremely popular!

Is it possible to add a gift card in a subscription box?

Personalised notes are the best. After you place the gift subscription in your cart, you can write a personalised message and choose a specific date for GoodnessMe to email it to the recipient. We’re also happy to send you an e-Gift Card to print or

Can I give a gift subscription to several people?

Absolutely! Send as many as you like. We send gift subscriptions for Mum’s Day, Dad’s Day, Christmas, Baby celebrations… the list goes on and on… you choose. Just make sure you check out separately each time to add a new address.

When will the recipient get their first box?

Exactly the same time as our regular subscriptions… Exciting uh!. Be sure to place your order by the 25th of the month and it will be sent with the first dispatch, which will be the first week of the following month. If you purchase after the 25th, i

Are receipts put in the gift box?

Don’t panic we’ve got you sorted. Our warehouse doesn’t put receipts in gift boxes. The recipient won’t receive one.

Do you do e-Gift Cards?

We sure do! Who doesn’t love an e-Gift card?. Dreaming up and searching out your fave goodies. Our GoodnessMe Gift Cards let you buy whatever you like from the online shop. E-Gift cards are not valid for GoodnessMe Box Subscriptions.